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Read An E-Book Week!

Hello fellow bloggers! Not much new going on in my world. Same old studying going on here.  Busy busy week... I have a group presentation coming up, a midterm on Wednesday, and a test on Thursday... Spring Break is next week and will be WELL deserved! But enough about boring school stuff -- it seems that's all I ever talk about....

This week is Read and E-book Week! I had hopes of sales picking up due to this, but so far, neither of my book sales have budged. I've contacted a few other bloggers who specialize in promoting books and hope to hear from them soon. I'm trying my hardest to not get discouraged.  I've been promoting like crazy and just feel it's been a lost cause.  I just haven't used the right bait, I guess! I guess it's just not something people are wanting to read at the moment.

Anyway, in light of this week, go out and support your fellow indie author (if you are one) and if you are not one, venture out and try something new. What I've learned about indie authors is that some of them are much better than the traditional authors we are all familiar with!  And just think, if the book you bought turns out to be a bust, at least you aren't out a lot of money. Most... and I do say most indie authors books are generally under five dollars! That is a steal, especially if you get one that is amazing!

I think after Wednesday is over I'll be more relaxed. I'm hoping anyway. I've been in college a long time and have never worried over a test like I am about the one coming up!

Have a wonderful Monday evening! :)


  1. have a wonderful week Jessica! gOod luck on your "busy-ness" hehe ♥

  2. Good Luck with your presentation Jessica and sales during eBook week and there after! I too have two books up at 50% off with Smashwords this week.

    And just 'Think Positive' about your wonderful books.

    Author of The Greek Seaman novel.

  3. I think there are just so many authors out there promoting their books. Don't give up. Exposure is what you need to keep working on. Try to build up a blog following. I know blogging takes time, more time than Twitter, but I've had many followers "say" they're looking forward to my book (I'm getting published with a small and upcoming press in Utah).

    Thanks to your comment on my blog, I'm here and now your follower. And I'll go over right now and buy your Modern Day Drifter. I prefer buying on Nook since I don't have a kindle, but I download to my computer and then read off of my smaller computer. So here goes!
    Ann Best, Long Journey Home

  4. Hey Ann, Through Smoke is available for the Nook. Modern Day Drifter is not yet, but soon will be. It might be a few months though!

    Thanks for your comment! I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy!