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Can We Be More PETTY???

In regards to my writing, I have changed the two covers of my books! If you haven't noticed, to the left they are listed and they have both changed drastically! I think people have been pretty inviting to it all.  Either that or they loved the fact that I put Through Smoke on sale for $1.99.  Either way, my sales really boomed on Saturday! I had my best day since I published Through Smoke! I have yet to decide how long the sale will run on Through Smoke, but definitely for at least a few more days.

Also, I finally added both books to Smashwords and have sold three of Modern Day Drifter on that site. Hopefully if I get a chance within the next few days, I'm going to try and submit them to the premium catalog in hopes to get them more exposure! :)

It is officially spring break, a time I have been looking forward to. I can't help but feel that the time is already flying by.  Is it possibly because I've been sleeping late? Days tend to be quite shorter when you sleep the morning away, but c'mon, how often do I actually get to do this? It's been nice rolling out from under the covers, not having to rush around and take a quick shower and bolt out the door.  I better not get too used to it though, since as I said, time is already flying by with my week break!

Not only that, but I still feel like I should be working on school work.  I have two projects due next week and a test on Monday so, I guess it's not a complete break. (sigh)

In light of the misfortunes over in Japan, I've kind of been out of the loop with the book promoting and internet to begin with. Like most of us, I've been glued to CNN (or insert your news channel of choice here.) I have a very bad habit of getting enveloped in news stories and unhealthily watch stuff a little too much.  Last night I had to finally turn it off when they were talking to people who had lost their family in the tsunami or earthquake.  It really gave me an epiphany.  While we all sit around and complain about whatever is going on in our life, look at Japan.  It really puts everything into perspective.  When I find myself griping about whatever I've been stopping myself and laughing at my problem.  It sucks that something of this magnitude can make me open my eyes to it all. And it also sucks that as time passes by and the wound heals, I'll sink right back into the rut of complaining and blowing things out of proportion.

One thing that really bothered me was Twitter. I was on there not long after the news break about Japan. (It's where I first heard about the earthquake.) The frustrating part was that movie trailers and celeb gossip was trending OVER the news in Japan. Also, on one of the news channels they had a crawler going across the screen during a report over Japan that said "Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have split." Seriously? What is wrong with people? I know life goes on but can't we all stop with the petty stuff long enough to say a few prayers for those people? Imagine if that happened to New York.  Just saying... you can fill in the rest....

(steps off of soapbox)

To end this totally random blog (I go from book promoting to school, to Japan... who's got hold of the remote control in my brain?) I am going to say a prayer for Japan.  Even if you aren't the praying type, just allow yourself to think about them for a little bit.  If this was a US catastrophe you'd want the same thing, wouldn't you?


  1. I'm thinking about putting one of my novels on Amazon this summer so I'm fascinated by how your working through the ins and outs of the process.

    We're praying for Japan too. Every time I check my computer, there's more bad news.

  2. congrats on your book success. I do like the covers (I don't know what they were like before you changed them)

  3. argh! where's my comment? i thought i have already commented in here. uhmm. i'm sorry dove! :)

    aww! congrats on your book! i really love those covers specially the Modern Day Drifter's.