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1st Chapter of Through Smoke

I recently heard that you get more engagement on your Twitter account if you post images, so today I have been manipulating some pictures in an attempt to do some promotions for my books. So far I have made one for Through Smoke, my first book in my Firefighter Heroes Trilogy.

I use: www.canva.com

I'm having a good time coming up with color schemes and quotes to help give the book some attention, and in case anyone was interested, the book is still FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. 

And here is a special gift for all of you who have stopped by my blog today... I'm including the first chapter of Through Smoke right here for you to check out! 

The books in the trilogy are:
Through Smoke: Book One
Backfire: Book Two
Fire Escape: Book Three
All are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple! 

Chapter One

Michael McGinnis thrived in intense situations. In hectic conditions split second decisions were automatic to him.  He was more comfortable in a blazing inferno than in the confines of his own home. Today would be no different.  Pulling up to the fire, a shimmy of excitement coursed through him, followed by brief pangs of fear that he forced aside. He opened and closed his fists, feeling the sweat forming on his palms. His breathing quickened as he studied the building and what floors the fire was already eating away.
Every fire had to be treated as routine, regardless of magnitude or caliber. His first goal was to find out if anyone was still inside. He was part of search and rescue and was first to go in if need be. His eyes scanned the crowd.  There were several kids standing near their parents, older couples and people all alone, all wide eyed and in shock over their misfortune. 
He had been on the job for eleven years.  Eleven years of interrupted sleep and unfinished meals.  Eleven years of false alarms and frequent callers.  Eleven years of soot and flames. He wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  Even if the job had its boring moments, the one call where he could help someone made it rewarding.
He worked for the best fire department in the best city. FDNY. As the motto on the fire engine read, “New York’s Finest.”  He patted the logo painted on the passenger door every time he got in the rig. It was like his ritual.  After everything he and his friends had endured, he couldn’t help but become a little superstitious.
 “I think there’s still some people up on the second floor!” A middle aged woman approached their captain, her voice frantic. 
“Toward what end of the building?” Michael intervened in the conversation, attempting to save as much time as he could. By the look of the fire, it was already spread across the entire complex. 
“It was apartment two twenty-five, near the back end. I saw them come home this evening and they aren’t out here now. I’m almost sure of it.”
Michael headed toward the door but felt his captain’s hand grasp his arm.  “McGinnis, hold on a second. I don’t want you going in alone. We’ve got a probationary fireman that can go with you and we’re getting a hose ready.”
“Sir, we don’t have time. Looks like the second floor is the worst.”
“All the more reason for you to wait.”
Michael could feel the heat blaring off of the structure. Hesitating, he looked at the captain and back at the orange flames that lit up the street like it was daytime.  “I’m going in. I got my radio, I’ll let you guys know of my every move.”  He didn’t allow his superior time to respond and headed in, applying his mask. 
Heat overtook his senses. He had to squint as he entered the threshold of the inferno.  He searched for a way up and luckily there was a staircase made out of cement that was safe to stand on.  He had to crawl, ducking under fallen debris and flame engulfed pieces of wood.  The roar of the fire was so loud that when he yelled out for any civilians he could barely hear his own voice. 
“Is anybody up here?” Pausing, he waited for a response but could only hear the crackling of the wood as the fire ate it away.  “Yell out if you can hear me! FDNY!”
“Up here!”
The voice was high pitched and coming from behind the door the lady had said.  Michael crawled to it and ran his hand up and down the frame to make sure it was safe to kick in.  The knob was locked. 
“Stay where you are and keep talking so I can find you!”
Michael was able to kick in the door after a few attempts.  Smoke lingered in front of him making the visibility next to impossible to see in.  Getting on his hands and knees, he pushed his way across the floor.  Gut instinct was to look in the bathroom. Most victims seemed to always be in their bathtubs.  He went around the corner and came across two kids in the shower stall, both pushed up against the tile.  The mother was crouched near the toilet, tears leaving trails through the soot that gathered on her face.
“Oh thank God!” She threw her hands in the air as if she were rejoicing. 
“Can all of you walk?”
The oldest girl nodded but her eyes shot downcast to the toddler.  “Not her.”
Michael knelt down and saw that the younger child was unresponsive.  He scooped her up in his arms.  “You two follow me. Make sure you stay with me and I’ll get you out of here.”
Both nodded.  The trip back downstairs seemed like an eternity.  Every couple of seconds Michael would glance back to make sure he wasn’t going too fast for them.  He wasn’t sure if his imagination was playing tricks on him but it felt like the flames were getting hotter with each second.  The building creaked and moaned and he knew the frame wouldn’t hold much longer.  He tried to quicken the pace but they both fell behind and he had to stop and go back.  The young girl he was carrying still lay limp. If they didn’t get out soon it wouldn’t matter. They would all be crushed from the cave in.
It had dawned on him that he wasn’t keeping in touch with his captain like he had promised. If he tried to queue the radio he would end up dropping the child.  His legs felt like mush as they made it to the bottom story.  The exit was just a few yards away and he gritted his teeth and fought through the pain to get there.  Letting out a low groan, Michael pushed through the door and landed out on the concrete, appreciating the cold night air.  A couple of firefighters came to aid in taking the girl to the ambulance.  He watched as they guided the mother and the older kid to be checked out as well.
Judging by his captain’s body language he was going to be in for an ear full.  Ignoring everyone, he made his way to the ambulance where they took the family.  The toddler was still unresponsive as they put her on the gurney.  It was a couple of medics he knew and probably two of the best New York had.  Eva Crisante placed a mask over the child’s face and began CPR.  Michael stood back, his heart pounding quicker than when they were in the building.  He had lost victims over his time with the department and while all of them were hard to get over, a child seemed to stick with him a lot longer.
“C’mon Michael, let’s step back.  You need to be checked out by the medics.”  Darryl tried to pull Michael away but he jerked his arm out of Darryl’s grasp. 
“It’ll be okay, let’s go. I’m fine.”
Eva looked up from her work and shot Michael a quick glance.  Her brow creased with concentration and a small smile parted her lips, almost as if she were trying to reassure Michael.  She reached for the back doors and closed them as the ambulance departed from the scene.  Michael followed for a few steps, watching as it disappeared down the block, the siren echoing off of the high rises of the neighborhood.
“McGinnis, I don’t think there’s a need to lecture you about what you did.” Captain Rooker stood near the engine, his arms folded over his chest.  Thankfully the fire was pretty much contained and they just needed to cover the secondary search.  “Good job getting that family out.”  He patted Michael on the shoulder.  “I think you’re just trying to give me a heart attack.”
“Don’t pat me on the back yet, I don’t know if that little girl’s gonna make it.”  Michael adjusted his hat and looked back at the building that was now dripping with water.  A few embers still flickered in some spots but the fire was now controlled.  “We were too late.”
Captain Rooker shook his head. “You don’t know that, McGinnis.  Go get the search done so we can get outta here.”

   The rest of the night sleep was impossible. Michael paced back and forth, waiting on a call from the paramedics or the hospital about the little girl.  Eva had his cell phone number and she knew he liked to hear the outcome, but the more time passed the more he worried. 
He glanced up at the clock.  It was almost seven.  His shift would be over then and he thought about going to the hospital to find out on his own if need be.  Everyone else finally started to wake up.  Michael tried to make it look like he had just gotten up too and sat at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  He nodded at a few of the guys, acknowledging them but keeping his head ducked to avoid conversation.
Captain Rooker came out of his office and sat down adjacent to him.  “Go ahead and go home.  Shift is over in about fifteen.”  He paused and sipped down some coffee. “I know you didn’t go back to sleep when we got back.  Get some rest and come back tomorrow ready to go.”
Michael wasn’t in the mood to argue so he finished his coffee and folded the paper, leaving it for whoever else wanted to read it.  He grabbed his duffel bag from his locker and made his way downstairs.  He usually walked back to his apartment. It was only two blocks over on Forty Fourth Street. There was no access to a subway that went that short of a distance and he didn’t own a car.  It was good exercise. 
He didn’t notice Eva standing down in the garage near the trucks.  “Hey Michael.” She waved her hand and twirled a set of keys on her finger.  Her long hair was loosely pulled back in a ponytail.  By the looks of things she had been up all night as well. 
“Hey Eva, what’s up?” He walked toward her. “Any news on that girl?”
She bit her bottom lip and shook her head.  “She’s gonna be okay.  Had a lot of smoke inhalation and a few minor burns but they said she’ll make a full recovery.” She tucked a strand of loose hair behind her ear.  “They said any longer and she probably wouldn’t have survived.  That was good work, Michael.”
He could feel his cheeks warm up.  “Nah, I just got her out. You guys are the ones who…”
“Don’t be so modest. Who else would’ve gone in that building? Be proud. I’ll see you tomorrow.”  She turned and walked up the stairs before he could respond. 
The cool morning air was refreshing.  It was mid April and in New York it still tended to be pretty nippy, especially in the morning.  Michael pulled his jacket tight around him, ducking his head away from the wind.  The traffic was already thick down forty second. As he walked he moved faster than the cars that were lined up at the light.  It was times like this that he enjoyed the fact that he didn’t have a vehicle. 
He stood on the stoop of his apartment and stared down the street, nodding at Old Man Carlisle, a seventy-eight year old man that always sat out on the sidewalk in a lawn chair at that time of day.  “Hey Mikey, how was work?”  He puffed on a cigar and looked at Michael out of the corner of his eye.
“Oh you know.” Michael never gave him a straight answer and Mr. Carlisle was always content with that.  It was small talk at its best but he got used to seeing the guy out by the stoop.  “You better stop smoking those, Carlisle, they’ll kill you.” He shot the old man a smile.  Another routine was razzing him about his tobacco usage. 
“Yeah, well so will a five alarm fire, Mikey. Think about it.” Carlisle winked and extinguished the cigar with the heel of his worn boot.
Before Michael went inside he contemplated going down to the hospital where they took the girl from the fire but thought it was probably best not to.  Eva had said she was in good hands and she wasn’t one to lie to him about the well being of one of his victims.
“I’ll see you around Old Man.” Michael opened the entrance and walked the five flights of stairs to his apartment.  He liked taking the stairs over the elevator. While it wasn’t a strenuous workout it still got his pulse going. 
He sat down on the couch and turned the TV on.  Nothing was on but some morning talk shows and cartoons.  Flipping through, he stopped on an old Bugs Bunny episode.  Yawning, he stretched out and relaxed into the cushion, allowing his body to drift off into a deep sleep.

Jolting from sleep, Michael could have sworn he heard a loud bang on his door.  He searched for his cell phone and found it on the floor under his coffee table.  It was two forty-five.  He didn’t intend on sleeping that long.  Another loud knock echoed.  It took him a second to gain his composure.
He walked to the door and peered through the peephole, rolling his eyes at the sight of who it was.  It was Casey, his younger brother.  Any time he showed up on Michael’s doorstep it meant he wanted something.  Opening the door, he frowned at him, already expecting the same act Casey always pulled with him.
“Big bro! Did I wake you?” Casey opened his arms for a hug but Michael turned his back, inviting him in. 
“What the hell are you doing here?” His voice was raspy and he coughed to clear it.
Casey pretended to pout but that quickly passed as he edged toward the kitchen.  He picked up an apple off of the counter and ran it across his sleeve before he took a bite.  “Tough love there, Mikey! Hadn’t seen you in awhile, figured I’d stop by and say hey.”
Michael sat at the kitchen table.  Casey resembled him in a way. They were about the same height; around six foot one with dark hair, but Casey was rail thin, more than likely from the years of drug use. 
“Can the act, Casey.  It’s always the same thing when you come around.” Michael loved his brother but he had been taken advantage of one too many times.  He had tried his hardest to get Casey on the straight and narrow but it was a lost cause.  He felt hypocritical when he tried.  He was a troublemaker as a teenager and didn’t feel right preaching to him about redeeming himself.
Casey swallowed a piece of apple and Michael could hear it from across the kitchen.  “I know.” Casey snapped his fingers and paced.  “I woke you up. Good God you’re always an asshole when you’ve been woken up. Want me to make you some coffee?”
Michael ran his hands through his hair as he grew frustrated. “What did you get yourself into this time?”
Casey’s playful expression changed, now more serious.  “I was just wondering if I could borrow like fifty bucks.  I’ve been living off of those damn frozen dinners. I need a change.”
Michael scoffed and leaned back in the chair.  He didn’t need this right now, not after the night he had.  “And what happened to the job you had down at that bodega on Fifth Avenue?”
“You know as well as I do that it doesn’t pay shit. C’mon, Mikey, just fifty bucks. You’re the big time firefighter, I know you can handle it.”
“You’re a moron, you know that?” Michael stood up and grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and refused to offer Casey one.  He reached in his back pocket and grabbed his wallet.  “Hopefully twenty is enough for now cause that’s all I got.” He extended the crisp bill to him. Before Casey could grab it, Michael pulled it away. “You still got that job?”
Casey nodded and tossed the apple core into the trash. “Of course I do.”
“You better not be lying, you know I can find out. And don’t burn that bridge, I got you that job.”
Casey rolled his eyes and reached out for the money. “I still got the job. Thanks bro, I owe you.”
Michael let out a sarcastic laugh and released the twenty.  “You’re damn right you do. I better not find out you spent that on drugs. You know how word gets around here in Hell’s Kitchen.”
“I need food more than drugs right now. Thanks, man.” 
Michael walked him to the door knowing that he had just been lied to. “Stay out of trouble. See you next time you need something.” 
Before Casey could say anything, he shut the door and sat back down on the couch, his mind running a mile a minute.  He took another swig of his beer and peeled at the label. How could Casey lie straight to his face, his own brother, his flesh and blood? And how come he always gave in to him despite the fact that he knew the money was going to something illegal?  He had a weak spot for Casey. Since they were kids he always protected him. From school fights to hiding things from their mother, he had Casey’s back.
In all reality, Michael felt guilty for Casey’s criminal behavior.  His younger brother always followed him and did everything he did.  At one point Michael was headed in the same direction.  Casey gladly followed suit. The only problem was Casey never found his way back to the good side. 
He jumped when he heard his cell phone ringing, laughing to himself about how jumpy he was acting. Eva’s name flashed across the screen.  Smiling, he opened the face of the phone.
“Hey, Michael, what’re you doing?” Her voice sounded cheery.
“Just woke up. How’re you?” He finished the last few sips of his beer and scooted it across the top of his table.
“Good, thanks. A few of us are going down to Perry’s Bar for some drinks. Was seeing if you wanted to come along?”
Michael looked up at the ceiling and at first was going to decline but decided getting out of the house might help his mood. “Sure, that sounds like fun.”
“Okay, we’re gonna head over there about eightish or so. I’ll see ya then!”
“Sounds good.” He closed his phone and stared at the TV. He needed something to get his mind off of his brother and a few pool games at Perry’s just might do the trick. 

Through Smoke and Thrilling 13!

Hello readers! I am pleased to announce that Through Smoke has been included in a box set called the THRILLING THIRTEEN! 

Here is the description:


We're back with 13 new mysteries/thrillers for just a buck. That's seven thrilling novels, three edge-of-seat novellas, and three page-flipping shorts.

Together they've received nearly 500 five-stars and over 1,000 reviews.

Identity Crisis (Sam McRae Mystery) - Debbi Mack

Choke - Dani Amore

Sin Walks Into The Desert - Matt Ingwalson

Tenderloin (Abby Kane FBI Thriller) - Ty Hutchinson

Blood On Blood (Ania Trilogy) - Frank Zafiro & Jim Wilsky

Truth And Lies (Charlie Fox Thriller) - Zoƫ Sharp

By Executive Order - Lawrence Kelter

Scale Of Justice - Dani Amore

No Good Deed (Mark Taylor Series) - M.P. McDonald

Saving The World - Gary Ponzo

Through Smoke (Firefighter Heroes Trilogy) - J.R. Tate

The Death of Red Rocket - Lawrence Kelter

Volcano Watch (Forensic Geology Series) - Toni Dwiggins

Pick up this BARGAIN! Lots of good books in this set! 

Breaking News!!

Good news in my writing world! Recently, I was referred to a group of authors who participate in a boxed set edition called The Thrilling Thirteen. They've already had one edition out and had a pretty successful run, grouping 13 thrillers together and selling them at a low price to readers. So, long story short, Through Smoke will be included in The Thrilling Thirteen part two! I am stoked to get more exposure on the book, and hopefully it will help people become more aware of the entire Firefighter Heroes Trilogy!

I am still planning on keeping Through Smoke free as a standalone book. Yes, completely FREE! I'd explain why I'm doing it this way, but that's a topic for another day!

With this release in the Thrilling Thirteen boxed set also means that I will be taking the trilogy out of Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select, so for those of you who have this, snatch up the other two books before they're no longer available to borrow from Amazon. Their last day in Kindle Unlimited is January 20th, so there's still a couple of days.

Why pull them out of KU? It's simple - Thrilling Thirteen will be available in several stores and not limited to just Amazon. With the exposure I'm hoping it'll get from other websites, I'd like for readers in those markets to be able to go on and read the rest of the trilogy on Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. Let's face it - without this chance to include Through Smoke in the boxed set, I probably wouldn't let my Kindle Select contract lapse. Sales in those other markets aren't the greatest and don't make up the difference on what my payout usually is with KU.

This is all trial and error. It's the marketing side of writing books that most people usually find very boring and don't care about. Main point of the blog - A big opportunity is on the horizon for my Firefighter Heroes Trilogy. I can't pass up a chance at extra exposure in a boxed set that has the chances of being great. Also, if you have read Through Smoke and have Kindle Unlimited, hurry and get Backfire and Fire Escape before Tuesday, otherwise, be prepared to pay for them!

Here's to a good run with the Thrilling Thirteen! I am looking forward to this upcoming opportunity!

Happy Reading!

New Release - Beckoning Souls

I am pleased to announce that Beckoning Souls is now available for purchase in the Amazon store! 

Click here to purchase Beckoning Souls on Amazon!

Nathan Gallagher doesn’t believe in ghosts. As a fireman, he’s seen his share of dead people, but they never spoke to him before—until now. His marriage is great, and his relationship with his son is strong, but Nathan is sure that if he tells them that he’s seeing ghosts, it is a quick ticket to a padded room and a straightjacket. 

When the ghosts become violent and attack Nathan, his secret is revealed—except his wife doesn’t believe his claim about the supernatural. She demands he seek professional help. He knows he’s not crazy, but with no proof that the ghosts are real, he’s committed to a mental hospital against his will. The ghosts follow him, pushing him farther into a terrifying world he can’t find his way out of. 

With his marriage, his sanity, and even his very life at stake, Nathan needs to find out why the ghosts are haunting him before it’s too late. 

Review of A Forgotten Man

As I promised in a previous blog post, I am going to share books I've enjoyed with readers out there. I'm going to practice what I preach about how sharing a book is helpful for both readers and writers alike!

Yesterday I finished A Forgotten Man by J. Pepper Bryars. I picked this book up when it was free, but the normal list price is $2.99, and believe me, it's well worth it. It's not a book filled with action and adventure, but it's not needed - there is enough emotional anguish to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen to the Bosarge family. 

Below is my review of the book. I tried to keep spoilers out of it, so hopefully I didn't give too much away about it. 

This is a heartbreaking, gut wrenching read. What makes it so good is the fact that the things happening in this book are real! The book follows main character Jack through having a good job at an oyster company all the way to unemployment and desperation. I want to say more about what happens through the book, but I don't want to spoil it for people who are interested. If you are looking for a happy, feel good book, this isn't it, but it still is something I think everyone in America needs to read. It is eye opening and more times than not, I felt like someone was punching me in the stomach.

I really got attached to Jack and Donita. I felt like I was there with him at the gas plant as he sat and waited for his job interview. I was feeling the nerves he was probably feeling and hoping that finally, luck would be on their side with something. I kept thinking, this book has got to end on a happy note. Jack and Donita will find jobs and they can continue on with life the way it was before his other job got shut down. Instead, Jack is faced with tribulations and pain of not working. He is a man full of pride and doesn't want to take assistance. The book demonstrates how, that over time, it gets to where he stops caring what others think and knows his job is to make sure their little girl, Julia, is taken care of.

The relationship between Jack and Donita deteriorates just like you'd imagine when put under stress. Jack makes desperate decisions thinking it is helping his family, only to later learn that it really hurts them, but he's not a man to just sit around and wait. This book is a good example of how government can take something away, but then try to "help" you with their assistance after you are laid off and left with nothing.

I'd love to continue to gush about this book, but I don't want to spoil it for anyone. If you want an honest, modern day Grapes of Wrath type story, get this book. It is unsettling to think that what happens in this book is happening right here in our backyards.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book - and frankly, I'm glad it didn't have the cookie cutter happily ever after ending that so many books tend to have.

I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. Kudos to J. pepper Bryars for writing a book that I'll share with any other bookworm out there! 

Happy Reading,

J.R. Tate 

Homemade Tomato Soup & Mozzarella Basil Grilled Cheese

To continue with the rainy weekend (see previous blog post about the pumpkin spiced lattes), I made homemade tomato soup in the crock pot, along with mozzarella, basil, and pesto grilled cheese sandwiches.

I found it to be a pretty simple recipe, though it didn't yield quite as much soup as I had hoped for. I like to make extra to take to work for lunches, and unfortunately, with two of us eating it, there wasn't quite enough to save for leftovers. That isn't a deal breaker. You could always double the recipe with no problem, as it's very easy with step by step instructions.

Prep starts the night before you plan to make the soup, with coring and deseeding of roman or plum tomatoes, cut them in half, and cut up two cloves of garlic to combine with them. As it sits, the tomatoes really absorb that flavor. I'll post the full recipe at the end of the post.

The next morning, you combine the tomatoes and garlic with a can of vegetable broth and basil in your crock pot. I cooked it on low for 8 hours, but you can also cook it on high for 6.

Here is the starting product. 

I also found that the tomatoes softened and cooked quicker, and you don't necessarily have to go the full 8 hours if you're getting hungrier early in the day. The amazing aroma of the soup tormented me all day. The basil gave it a nice Italian feel, and I was ready to eat this by 3pm! 

This is right before the tomatoes were ready to be put in the blender to smooth. 

The tomatoes blended with the basil and garlic. It was chunkier than store bought tomato soup, but had a great texture. 

Next, I prepped the sandwiches to go along with the soup.

I spread jarred pesto on whole wheat bread, along with mozzarella slices, tomato, and basil leaves. The recipe said to do it on a panini press, but I just put them in a grill pan and it worked just as well.

When all is said and done, this is what your meal will look like. It was very flavorful, and the basil gave it just the right kick to add some great taste. Next time I might add more garlic, but the recipe is great as is. It also didn't make much, so next time I might double the recipe. It was very hearty and filling, not to mention healthy. 

Here is the full recipe:

3 lbs plum tomatoes
2 cloves garlic
1 can (14.5 oz) reduced sodium vegetable broth
¼ cup basil leaves, plus 15 large leaves for sandwiches
¼ tsp salt
¼ tsp black pepper
10 slices of whole grain bread
1 tbsp jarred basil pesto
8 oz fresh mozzarella
1 large tomato

-The night before cooking, core, halve and seed tomatoes. Thinly slice garlic and combine in a resalable bag with tomatoes. Refrigerate overnight.
-in the morning, combine tomatoes and garlic with broth and ¼ cup of the basil leaves in a slow cooker. Season with salt and pepper, cover and cook on high for 6 hours or low for 8 hours.
-Once soup is almost done, heat Panini press. Place 5 slices of the bread on work surface. Spread ½ tsp pesto on each slice. Cut mozzarella and tomatoes into 10 thin slices each. Place 2 slices of the mozzarella on bread. Add 3 basil leaves to each sandwich and top each with 2 slices tomato. Top with 5 remaining bread slices and coat both sides of sandwiches with nonstick cooking spray. Cook sandwiches in Panini press for 3 minutes until browned and cheese is melted.
-While sandwiches cook, ladle half of the tomato mixture into a blender. Blend until smooth. Add remaining tomato mixture to blender if there is space. Blend until smooth. Divide among 5 bowls. Serve with a sandwich. 

Crock Pot Pumpkin Spiced Latte

It  has been quite the rainy weekend here where I am, and with the cooler and cloudy weather, I've been perusing some recipes. The first one I tried this morning is Crock Pot Pumpkin Spiced Lattes.

I've always been a fan of Starbuck's version, but with the cost, it tends to turn people away. This recipe cost me about $10 total to make, and it made well over 4 servings. (I halved the recipe. The full recipe could easily serve 8, depending on the size mug you'll use.)

The recipe is very simple. You need strong coffee and milk. I will post the full recipe at the end of this post. Here are some pictures of the process:

This was the very beginning process before the crock pot heated up. 

The finished product, 2 hours after combining ingredients. The pumpkin, cinnamon, milk, and coffee blended well together. 

It was a very good mixture, and tasted better than Starbucks. Next time I do it, I will probably add a tad bit more coffee and pumpkin, and a little less cinnamon. 

Here is the complete recipe - I halved it and it still made quite a bit, but the full recipe might be a good amount for parties and larger crowds:

6 cups of milk 
4-6 cups of strongly brewed coffee
1/2 cup of pumpkin puree
1/2 cup of vanilla extract
1/2 cup of sugar
2 teaspoons of cinnamon
3 cinnamon sticks
In your crock pot, combine the milk and coffee.
Whip together the pumpkin, vanilla, sugar and cinnamon and pour into the crockpot.
Mix together well.
Toss in 3-4 cinnamon sticks.
Cover the crockpot, and cook on high for 2 hours.

Keywords - A Science

Hello readers! Long time, no blogging! I hope this finds you all well!

Since we spoke (typed, read) last, I have been trying to think up ways to get my books more exposed. New covers, new descriptions, new advertising.... the (boring) list goes on and on....

Tonight I got to thinking about keywords. Keywords meaning phrases and search terms people type in at the top of the Amazon.com page to find the exact type of book they are wanting to read. As a writer, you'd think that this would come easy. Sure, think up 7 phrases that you MIGHT think a reader would put.... well, that's simple.... as a reader, what would I put? If you haven't already learned this about me, I'm not like the average person.... I usually like things that most people don't. If a critic likes a movie, I hate it... and vice versa. So, that tactic of thinking like other readers did not work.

Amazon gives you the option to put seven keywords when updating/uploading your books. Seven seems like a lot, seven seems like not much at all - it's all in the eye of the beholder. So, what do readers often search when looking for a book? Are they broad terms that will bring up tens of thousands of results? (Kindle books, romantic books, ebooks... These are more genre specific that would have tons of options falling under that umbrella.) Then you think of more specific terms. (Firefighter romantic suspense, drug addiction fiction, organized crime romance.) Being more specific is good, but also bad. How many people are going to search that exact term? The reason I ask is this - those more specific terms are geared toward the books that I have already published. The Firefighter Heroes Trilogy, Murphy's War, and Reformed are the three specifically tied to those keywords... The broader terms are also geared toward them, but how many other books will pop up as well?

I'm slowly learning that keywords are a science. What might work this week might not work next week. They change just like people change. It's a new challenge, but I'm actually having fun with it. Right now I have some specific keywords listed under my books -

-Firefighter Romance Ebooks
-Firefighter Romantic Suspense
-Drug Addiction Fiction
-Organized Crime Romance
-Crime Drama Romance

Of course, I get 7 keywords per book, so this isn't all of them, but it gives an example of some of the things I've put to try out. If they don't work, I'll try something new. That's all I can do!

 I know as readers, most don't care, but next time you go to Amazon in search of a book, keep in mind that keywords can and are a big deal to writers. It's not the sole way to get a book exposed, but lately, it's a way to get it on the first or second page of the search result after you type in your phrase. Next time I'm looking for a specific book, I'll think about this as well.

--Happy Reading!