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Diary of a Mad College Student Vol. 1

Well, recently I've fallen victim to studying for a German Myths and Legends midterm coming up next week.  The class is done in English but we still have to memorize German story titles and names and I'm having a really hard time comprehending words that I can't even pronounce!  My brain just has this mental dam that rejects anything that has all consonants in it! There are about 14 or so powerpoint presentations with about 40 slides on each one. (slams head down) Needless to say, I'm a bit worried about this midterm. What sucks the most about it is that he takes two total grades for the semester; the midterm and the final. No room for error at all!

I also have a Child Psych test next week but that one won't be near as bad. Feels like professors like to load us up right before spring break, but I'll take that over loading us up right after spring break. However, I do have a test the day we go back... not too thrilled about that.

That's my complaints for the night.  On a good note, tomorrow looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. 75 with 5-10 mph winds. In West Texas that is perfect, especially compared to Sunday when we were having 55 mph winds.  I'm looking forward to getting a good workout in tomorrow since I didn't have one today. (I went grocery shopping, does that count?) LOL

I've sold two copies of Through Smoke today... I'm happy with any sale but it's just discouraging when I've been busting my tale to promote it. Maybe over Spring Break I can do some really intense promotion through others blogs. Right now my mind is on this mid term which I should be working on now instead of blogging!  I hope you've all had a great Tuesday!


  1. Good luck with those German myths.

    And congrats on the Amazons sales! I've read that it takes a couple of years to build decent sales numbers.

  2. Aw! gOod luck babe!

    p.s. thanks for following and leaving a comment to my blog! you are such a lovely soul! guess i'm your 5th follower! :)♥

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