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New Ideas... New Ideas EVERYWHERE!

My last blog post was about digging out of a rut, and I'm proud to say that I am doing just that. I have a couple of new ideas I'm working on (at the same time, it all depends on my muse's mood)... I am going to write a sequel to The Search for Skylar and am also developing a new character and series. It is about a man who teaches in a prison.

This cover will likely change some by the time I finish the first book, but here is the flicker of brightness in the lightbulb within my head. I'm hoping to write at least three books about Ryan and am about 3k words in right now on the first book. I don't have a cover made for the second Charlie Wright book yet (haven't thought up a title yet), but I'm about 4k words into it right now, and Skylar's disappearance in the first book will seem like the least of his problems in the sequel!

For the first time in a while, I can safely say I'm excited about my current works in progress. Today I've got my coffee, my attention assist essential oil, and I plan to spend most of the day plugging away at both of these ideas! 

Happy Sunday! Spring is near!


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