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Good news in my writing world! Recently, I was referred to a group of authors who participate in a boxed set edition called The Thrilling Thirteen. They've already had one edition out and had a pretty successful run, grouping 13 thrillers together and selling them at a low price to readers. So, long story short, Through Smoke will be included in The Thrilling Thirteen part two! I am stoked to get more exposure on the book, and hopefully it will help people become more aware of the entire Firefighter Heroes Trilogy!

I am still planning on keeping Through Smoke free as a standalone book. Yes, completely FREE! I'd explain why I'm doing it this way, but that's a topic for another day!

With this release in the Thrilling Thirteen boxed set also means that I will be taking the trilogy out of Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select, so for those of you who have this, snatch up the other two books before they're no longer available to borrow from Amazon. Their last day in Kindle Unlimited is January 20th, so there's still a couple of days.

Why pull them out of KU? It's simple - Thrilling Thirteen will be available in several stores and not limited to just Amazon. With the exposure I'm hoping it'll get from other websites, I'd like for readers in those markets to be able to go on and read the rest of the trilogy on Barnes and Noble, Apple, etc. Let's face it - without this chance to include Through Smoke in the boxed set, I probably wouldn't let my Kindle Select contract lapse. Sales in those other markets aren't the greatest and don't make up the difference on what my payout usually is with KU.

This is all trial and error. It's the marketing side of writing books that most people usually find very boring and don't care about. Main point of the blog - A big opportunity is on the horizon for my Firefighter Heroes Trilogy. I can't pass up a chance at extra exposure in a boxed set that has the chances of being great. Also, if you have read Through Smoke and have Kindle Unlimited, hurry and get Backfire and Fire Escape before Tuesday, otherwise, be prepared to pay for them!

Here's to a good run with the Thrilling Thirteen! I am looking forward to this upcoming opportunity!

Happy Reading!

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