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D - Drama

My D word for April is DRAMA!

.... Such a versatile word....

In this day and age drama has taken on a whole new meaning.  There's the famous label of DRAMA QUEEN.  And let's all admit this.... we can all be a drama queen sometimes!  We all tend to overact in situations that just seem soooo bad at the time and later we look back and think, huh! That wasn't nearly as harsh as I was making it out to be!

And then there's the drama we have where there's so much conflict and battle between us and others.  Family drama, friend drama, school drama... etc.  I don't like drama in my life so I won't really expand on that.

Then we have the drama subject that some people take in school.  It is also a writing genre and of course, my favorite genre to write for.  I love dramatic plays, dramatic movies, and most of all, dramatic books.  If there's not much drama in the book I feel that I'm not that deep into it.  I guess I'm overcompensating for the fact that I try to keep the drama out of my personal life. (And I might say, lately I've been failing miserably at that. That's a blog for another day.)

It's safe to say that I love drama when it's not pertaining to my own life.  Fill your books, movies, and plays with it all you want and I'll be in the front row as happy as a clam!  It makes for great entertainment.  Maybe that's why I love psychology so much.  I like hearing about other drama, as long as it's not mine! ;-)


  1. I totally agree with you! I love drama...as long as it's not in my own life. In my life, I crave tranquility and peace (I know that's redundant, but that's how much I like it). Drama is why I read.

  2. haha... i'm the drama queen :) and i would also love to be a psychologist, it's just that i'm a doctor to my own self :) i love you :)