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A - April

I decided to go ahead and take part in the April A-Z challenge like last year.  My entries are on a different blog that I no longer have access to due to inactivity. LOL

Anyway, today I have to play catch up and post an A for yesterday and a B for today.  I decided to do something easy for A and go with April.  Probably my most favorite month out of the year.  May is a close second.  I love April for several reasons, one main one being that I was born in April. I'm a spring baby for sure! It's my favorite season.  I love how everything is beginning to blossom (achooo.. Excuse me while I sneeze.)  I can deal with the allergies.  It's a small price to pay in regards to everything finally turning green and getting pretty again.

Spring time in Texas is amazing.  The weather is absolutely gorgeous (with an occasional wind storm that is annoying).  It also marks the beginning of storm season and for those that know me, I'm a wild animal when it comes to dark clouds on the horizon.  I chase storms and tornadoes.  Three years ago I chased a storm system from Texas all the way up into Northern Kansas, near the Nebraska border. If we get any significant weather this year I'll be sure to post up some pictures.

I love the humid feel on my skin.  I love to be outside.  Around mid January I always get an intense bout of spring fever.  The study about how sunshine makes people happy is very true, at least for me.  I seem a lot more friendly and awake when the weather is warm.  I don't have as bad of a struggle to get out of bed in the morning either! ;-)

A is for April -- The best time of the year! :) Happy spring everyone!!


  1. ooh April is such a beautiful month :) i love this time of the year as well... :) and nice blog lay-out dear!♥♥ take care :)